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      The basic idea here is that knowledge is really just power in disguiseIf you have knowledge, then you will have power. The idea here is that the acquisition of knowledge results in social power .The  one "in the know " holds a certain power over those who do not knower is go-to -guy. This is  the usual meaning at commencement addresses: "hey, don't worry that you have all this debt and you will never make as  much as your friends, because you have power on account of your knowledge. If you have power, then you will have  knowledge.


    Our Library is located in a newly constructed building in the University Campus. It is quite a spacious place and provides a separate space for the journal users and book users. The users of the Library are facilitated with enough number of furniture to ensure better reading. Separate rooms are provided to carryout technical work and circulating books. A separate research section with research reports is available to encourage research activities. With the help of INFLIBNET Centre , Ahemdabed a LAN (Local Area Network) is established for the purpose of Library Automation, Online Bibliographical Services and the Internet Browsing.


    Our University got the membership in American Library. By that we can access any resources on the basis of our students and faculty needs by Resource Sharing. For that purpose we are having mail id: library@msuniv.ac.in. We encourage our affiliated institution to become the member of the N-LIST Consortium.



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